Posso pagare alla consegna? Si, leggi come.

Can I pay on delivery? Yes, read how.

Request activation of payment on delivery

Dear customers, we ask you for 2 minutes of reading, which is important to make the relationship of mutual trust that is established with you when you make a purchase on our online store fluid and stable.

As you can see from our notice on the site, the payment on delivery method is no longer automatic.

Many of you choose to pay on delivery and for us it generally does not cause any problems, however we must protect ourselves from people who purchase with this method and then refuse to accept and pay for the order, or are not available for delivery or make excuses of any kind, leaving the package in storage for days and days.

This costs us a lot of money (shipping actually costs us more than the 5.50 that are charged to you, it costs us to return the package, it costs us every day that it stays there in storage), it costs us time, it costs us anger and loss of serenity in doing a job that we adore instead empties our warehouse of goods that remain stationary or on the move for days while the site goes sold out.

For this reason, payment on delivery is no longer available automatically for everyone. Anyone who has already made successful purchases can ask us to activate the cash on delivery, even immediately without purchasing, or in the future, when they decide to to do it. Once activated, the mode will always remain active for you, as long as you purchase consciously.

Those who are new customers and have not yet made purchases in the same way can request it when they decide to purchase.

We give you some good rules to ensure that everything goes smoothly once the order has been placed :

1) prepare the right money immediately if possible, because couriers often don't have change

2) read the emails that both we and the courier send you (we use Bartolini in general and SDA for smaller islands) and be available on the day indicated for delivery

3) evaluate based on your pace of life whether or not you are easy to track down delivery times , also based on the online purchases you usually make. If you are not and you often have problems with couriers, consider considering a different payment method (if you do not want to make electronic payments with cards, bank transfers etc... you have the Postepay top- up available which you can make with cash at the post office or sisal bookshop enabled), because the prepaid order , unlike cash on delivery, can be left in storage at the nearest fermepoint (typically a bar or tobacconist) , where you can go and collect it when it suits you best.

Request activation of payment on delivery

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