Come scegliere la taglia corretta per il mio cane

How to choose the correct size for my dog

Normally when you buy online there is no possibility of trying on the item in person, this requires a little attention when choosing the size when it comes to clothing or related accessories.
Just as it happens when we make a purchase for us humans, it is also necessary for our dogs and cats to know the measurements to make a correct purchase. And even for us humans, even though standard sizes exist and we know our size well, sometimes we don't get it right.
For this reason, to accommodate you, we offer free shipping of the exchange on your first order (not during promotional or holiday periods, read the size exchange regulation for more information), however, if we manage to establish the correct size immediately we are all happier.

Here are some indications that will help you not to get the wrong size:

  1. Warning: for dogs and cats there are no standard sizes like for humans, do you know how many different breeds there are? from very small ones like Chihuahuas and Pinchers up to giants like Great Danes, Cane Corsos, passing through large and short dogs like Bulldogs and Pugs, tall and thin like Greyhounds.....that's to say what? The 'I usually take the S, M or 3 XL' argument is not valid! There are detailed size guides on each item with the dog's main measurements for this very reason, use them!
  2. What measures are needed? neck circumference, chest circumference, length between the base of the neck (almost between the shoulder blades) and the point just before where the tail attaches to the bottom.
  3. How do I take measurements? preferably equip yourself with a tape measure, or if you don't have one, take the measurements with a ribbon and then transfer them to a ruler to understand them (with the tape measure you will be less likely to make mistakes) and take them, distract the dog with a treat if he isn't stop and proceed as precisely as possible. You just can't handle the dog? is he too agitated? take a dress that he already has and that fits him well and take the measurements directly on the dress.

  4. How do I interpret the size guide?
    On the size guide you will find exactly those measurements mentioned above and you must look for those that are closest to those of your dog.
    If there is an exact number on the guide, as in this case:

    XS 29 20
    S 33 23
    M 39 26
    L 41 30
    XL 44 35

    then that number corresponds exactly to the size of the dress,
    If instead a range is reported as in this case:

    CUT NECK-TAIL Length (CM) CHEST Circumference (CM) NECK Circumference (CM) WEIGHT KG)
    XS 22-26 34-40 22-25 1.5-2
    S 26-30 36-42 23-27 2.5-3
    M 30-33 38-45 26-30 3.5-4
    L 33-36 43-48 29-34 4.5-5

    then that is the size range your dog must fit into.

    Sometimes the weight is reported, but we advise you against relying only on that, take all the measurements you can and as accurately as possible, if your dog is no longer growing or will not have significant changes in weight, those measurements, once you have taken them, write them down somewhere (for example on your phone notes) so they will remain at your disposal once and for all and you can easily consult them every time you have to make a purchase for him.

    If you don't like it (your dog is longer, has a narrower chest, etc...) there are still some things to consider, for example whether the fabric is elastic or not, whether the dress needs to fit right up to the waist. tail or it can be shorter (for example a raincoat must be as long as possible, a bomber jacket or a denim jacket can be shorter).

    If you still have doubts, contact us and we will help you choose, limiting the error as much as possible.
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